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    The Landau-Kleffner syndrome , or epileptic Aphasia associates:

  1. An arrest in speech and Language development to the point of aphasia

  2. EEG anomalies consisting of spikes and spikes and waves.

In 3 quarters of the cases there are also epileptic seizures and behavioral problems.

Language-wise it is a verbal auditory agnosia rapidly followed by a disappearance in oral expressive language.

The seizures are usually generalized tonic-clonic seizures but may take the aspect of complxe or even simple partial seizures. Several seizure typres may coexist, but the epileptic seizures usually resolve by the end of puberty.

The Landau-Kleffner syndrome shares clinical features with autism Spectrum Disorder. This has recently been well described by J. D. Levine et Al in Pediatrics Vol 104 No3, pp 405-418, Sept 1999.