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B.C. Human Rights Commision Information

There are certain careers that cannot be contemplated if you do not have seizure control (e.g.: truck driver, bus driver, heavy equipment operator) pilot. Most employers have a policy of non-discrimination.

  The information below outlines the rights and responsibilities of the employee and employer regarding the accommodation of an employee’s disability.


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It is expected by the Human Rights Commission that the employer will accommodate an employee’s disability.  It responsibility of the employee, to provide information that may include doctors notes, and medical reports to support his or her claim that they need or require accommodation in the work place for his/her disability or needs time off to deal with his/her disability.

  A disability does not include the following examples, flu, stress, a broken limb, or an eye infection. A disability is a condition that is long term, permanent, and carries a degree of severity.  The following are examples of a disability cancer, diabetes, visual impairment, chronic back injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, and alcoholism. The employee must provide sufficient information that will enable the employer to accommodate the disability.

  An employer is entitled to information about the employee’s illness in order to determine a means to accommodate him/her during their absence, or upon the employee’s return to work, and in the context of his/her work. If an employee has not been cooperative providing information, the Commission would not expect an employer to keep an employee’s position open indefinitely or accommodate that employee.

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  If an employee is no longer able to perform job functions that they were hired for, the employer is expected to try and find another area in which that employee could work. This may require the training of the employee in a new position it is expected that the employer will provide that training, up to the point of undue hardship.

  If you should have any further questions contact a complaint analyst at the British Columbia Human Rights Commission.

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