General First Aid Procedures for Seizures

Tonic-clonic seizures
  • Stay calm
  • Ease the person onto the floor
  • Check for a Medic Alert bracelet
  • Keep the airway clear by turning the person onto one side. If sitting, turn the head to the side – do not try to move person from a wheelchair
  • Do not put anything into the person's mouth - they may bite their tongue, but will not swallow it
  • Loosen clothing around the neck, remove glasses
  • Place something soft under the person's head
  • Remove anything from the area that might cause injury
  • Do not try to restrain, as you may cause a muscle tear or break a bone
  • Reassure the person and let them rest afterwards
  • Do not give fluids until the person is fully conscious
  • Offer assistance in getting home

Do not use artificial respiration unless you have been trained

Complex Partial seizures
  • Gently redirect the person away from danger
  • Speak reassuringly until consciousness is regained
  • Help the person get home
Note: Absence, Atonic, Simple Partial, Myoclonic and Infantile Spasms do not require first aid - unless over 5 minutes in duration. A follow-up evaluation with your health care providers or at the health unit is advisable