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History: the original description of Epilepsia Partialis Continua was given by Kojewnikow in 1895. More than one hundrede years ago he gave a definition of "localized epileptic jerks" with almost continuous jacksonian seizures. This is a rare condition that is thought to be related to infection most likely viral of the central nervous system. Dereux in 1955 described 102 cases , half of them described as having an encephalitis as etiological factor.

Dr Bancaud from Paris, France has made a complete review of this condition in "epileptic syndromes in infancy, childhood and Adolescence, J Roger et Al, J Libby Ed. pp363-379. 1992 .

In Dr Baucaud's 23 cases, he could distinguish 2 groups: 1)any age with a known etiology, possible surgical cure; and 2) onset before the age of 10, several seizure types, unknown etiology, poor respons to surgery.