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Periodically you will find here reviews of articles I found particularly interesting. The references are provided and you are encouraged to find the full article. The libraries at UBC, at the BCMA or at the Royal College of Physicians of British Columbia can send them to you for a minimal fee.

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Jan 2000

            Genetic in Epilepsy,

A N Prasad et Al, 

Epilepsia 40(10), 1329-1352

This a reference article that one should keep safely.

           Long-term use of GABAPENTIN, LAMOTRIGENE and VIGABATRIN in Patients with chronic epilepsy.

ICK Wong et Al,

Epilepsia 40(10): 1439-1445

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November 1999

           Epilepsy Syndromes in Patients with Childhood-Onset Seizures in Finland.

Matti Sillanpaa, M. Jalava and S Shinnar

Pediatric Neurology Vol 21, (2); 533-537, Aug 1999

This an excellent prospective study over more than 20 years.


           Does academic achievement in children with epilepsy change over time?

Joan K Austin et Al,

In Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology 1999, 41: 471-479.

This is a 4 years follow-up study of children between age 11 and 17 years.


            Lamictal (Lamotrigine) monotherapy for typical absence seizures in children.

L Matthew Frank et Al.

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Epilepsia 40(7); 973-979, 1999

This a complicated study which is very well designed. 


              Epilepsy and Autism

Magnetoencephalographic Patterns of Epileptiform Activity in Children With Regressive Autism Spectrum Disorders.

by J D Lewine et Al.

Pediatrics Vol 104 No 3 September 1999, pp 405-418.

This is one of the best articles I have read in many years. For parents of children with either epilepsy or Autism.