Identifying Needs and Implementing Employment Support



Below is an outline of how to identify needs, consider full potential, and ways and means to identify support for people with Epilepsy in the workplace.


1.      Identification of Needs


a.      How do seizures affect their lives?

-Number and severity of their seizures

-Are there any secondary physical challenges?

-Effects of seizures on memory and cognition


b.      Identification of full Potential

-What do they want to do in their lives(education and employment)?

-Do they know about memory aides, voice training, and adaptive software (ie. Naturally Speaking)?

-Have they ever had employment counseling?


c.       Have they been accepted at Work?

-Have they ever been fired for because of seizures at work?

-Are they confident about applying for work?

-Do they disclose their seizures in their workplace?

-Do their employers accommodate their needs?


d.      Are they Independent?

-Do they live on their own, with their family, or otherwise?

-Do they know about transit options?

-What supports are currently in place?

-Can they deal with seizures on their own?



2.   From Identification, Educate them about their potential


a.       Take all of the needs, and educate the people with Epilepsy about how they might be able to improve their situation.

b.      Work together with them to go over their past experience in education and employment, and help them decide how they would like to improve their situation over time through support.

c.       Present all of the possible accommodations, direct support(FVE), and community support that might be reasonable for them in the future.


2.      Support and Links


a.      Identify Common Needs Specific to People with Epilepsy, and bring them together to meet their needs (direct support from FVE).

-Disclosure Workshops

-Support groups

-Educational and employment support and seminars (FVE)

-Resource guides for people with Epilepsy (FVE)


b.      Create Links between Fraser Valley Epilepsy Society and useful external support programs.

-Identify a range of community support programs that could be helpful for People with Epilepsy.

-Meet with workers; educate them about the needs of People with Epilepsy, and work to make it comfortable for People with Epilepsy to enter these programs.

-Support People with Epilepsy as they work with workers in the community to work towards meeting their needs and reaching their full potential.