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Fraser Valley Epilepsy Society
34081 Cyril St., Abbotsford, B.C. V2S 2E8 Phone 604-852-2686 ext. 360 Fax 604-852-5794

Together, we will make a difference!

Mission Statement:
ostelifeWe are dedicated to providing support, information, and education to families and individuals who live with epilepsy, their support staff, educational personnel, friends, co-workers, health care providers and anyone else affected by epilepsy. It is our goal to dispel existing myths about epilepsy and other inaccurate beliefs and to provide up to date accurate information about epilepsy through the use of media and educational programs. To provide advocacy for appropriate seizure management and educate residents and students of the Fraser Valley about the signs and symptoms of a seizure disorder. 

To educate children and adults who witness a seizure not to be afraid, provide them with the essential information that will furnish them with the self confidence to correctly manage a seizure.

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To minimize the social stigma for children and individuals who live with epilepsy.

Establish early intervention support and programs for newly diagnosed children, teens and adults.

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Improve the quality of life and education for those 20,000 residents in the Lower mainland who live with epilepsy.

To establish and maintain a flow of information and support to existing government agencies, schools and medical professionals.