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vivese senso duoGroup Support is available the first Thursday of each month Starting in October. The support group facilitated by a phytologist, meets the first Thursday of each month from 7-9pm at the Fraser Valley Child Development Center 34981Cyril St., Abbotsford, B.C. V2S 2E8 phone 604-855-3785. 
Some months with feature guest speakers addressing a number of issues and concerns we all live with.
Chilliwack Epilepsy Support Group meets once a month. Families and individuals living with epilepsy are welcome to attend. Contact Us for a referral.

Advocacy is available in a number of areas.

Work: If you are having trouble at work with colleagues who do not understand epilepsy, we can organize an 'In Service" visit to provide education about epilepsy and seizure management. 


    There are a number of areas where academic support is available. If you or your child 's education has been impacted as a result of seizures and or medication please contact us if you are experiencing
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difficulty with in the school system and feel that you are lost and in need of educational support. See our EDUCATION page as well, the information provided on the education page is essential for you or your educational support.
    Seizure Management Plans are protocol enacted by the Ministry of Health for any student who has had a seizure withing the last year. Community Health Units have Health Nurses that organize a comprehensive medical plan providing instructions and procedures to be followed in the event of a seizure at school. The Health Nurse can also provide educational videos for your teacher, teaching assistant, principal, other staff including noon hour supervisors. These videos will provide education surrounding epilepsy and proper seizure management. If you choose videos are also available for classroom education through your Health Unit. Health Nurse's are greatly supportive in classroom education. 

Families and Children
Supported Child Care
See our page on Family Issues this contains a multitude of resources for families today.


    A wonderful program introduced by British Columbia Parks provides people with disabilities an opportunity to camp FREE in British Columbia. Any resident of B.C. with an impairment, mental or physical may be eligible for a Disabled Access Pass. For an application call 250-356-8794, inquiry B.C. can connect you toll free 1-800-663-7867. Disabled Access Program ,B.C. Parks, 2-800 Johnson Street, Victoria, B.C. V8V 1X4

    British Columbia Ferries also offers discounted fares. If you have special needs require have an escort or companion you may be entitled to a significant fare deductions. Contact us regarding the exact criteria. For an application contact, BC. Ferries Corporate marketing Group 250-381-1401 or for toll free access call inquiry B.C. 1-800-663-7867 and ask to be connected to B.C. Ferries.

    Family Support Institute is an organization that supports and strengthens families faced with a disability. They can forward or information you might be seeking or even help locate resources. For more information call 604-875-1119. The regional parent representatives are available for the Fraser Valley.

Mental Health:
    It is very important to understand that it you are suffering from depression or any other severe emotional distress you are entitled to support from Mental Health. If you are unsure of who or how to go about this process contact our us and we can assist you in this process.

    Need someone to talk to who knows what it is like to have seizures. Why not participate in the buddy system. When you join this supportive program yo will be partnered with another teen or someone who formexplodewould act as a mentor to you, close to your age. There are many advantages in becoming involved in this continuing and supportive program. Don't pass the opportunity up if you are a teen and alone! If you are having trouble coping with you school and other stresses we can provide support and refer you to relevant professionals. 
We would love to have your input at regional and community events. Why not volunteer? You could have the chance to help those who are younger or newly diagnosed with a seizure disorder.
To date we have not had enough requests for a teen group. However if you feel this would be beneficial to you and you would like to participate in a teen group give us a call we are open to ideas.
There is a teen group that runs in Vancouver. Please let us know if you would like to be involved. Call us at 604-852-2686 Ext. 360.

There are a number of new programs underway.

Our Mother Program, THE ABC'S OF SEIZURE MANAGEMENT, combines a number of support and educational programs under one umbrella.

    The ABC'S OF SEIZURE MANAGEMENT targets a multitude of age groups, including all schools:
Nursery, Pre-School
Post Secondary
All levels of Private Schools

    The TV Commercial, "The ABC'S of Seizure Management", provides rudimentary first aid education for convulsive seizure management to the general public, dispels existing myths about seizures and appropriate seizure management.

    The Education Wave will include Educational Forums that supply students, parents, educators, and support staff with information to teach, appropriately manage, and effectively plan for a student's education who lives with epilepsy. Ultimately, forums will provide educators with the fundamental tools that are necessary to access and identify support services for their student who lives with epilepsy. Forums addressing issues relating to epilepsy and it's impact on education provide advocacy and overdue education.

    The Resource Center we are building at the Fraser Valley Child Development Center is a primary source of support and education for parents, students , educators, and support workers alike.

    Our Newsletter The Valley Wave, provides information, identifies support, outlines existing services, and current event programs for the next 3 months.

    Sharing is a Group Support program that is a fundamental support element when living with epilepsy. Parents, Adults, and teens can exchange information and offer support. Our support group is facilitated by a psychologist. We meet the first Thursday of each month 7:30-9:00 p.m, at the Fraser Valley Child Development Center in Abbotsford.

    The Buddy System is a program that provides continuing peer contact and support to adults and teens. Our Fostering program for parents promotes parental support and peer contact.

    Together We Can Make A Difference are regional community programs that allow families and individuals living with epilepsy to meet, provide each other with educational information, and participate in seasonal events and or activities.
The Web Wave is an additional support and educational program providing a multitude of resources, information and education through the Internet.